About Us

Ty One Technologies Pvt Ltd is a professionally run company with dedicated professionals. The Company values professionalism, system driven approach and result oriented dedication. The company has its own dynamic Team, Smt Shilpa Gowda BE, MD & CEO Sri K Venkatesh Prasad MBA, MPhil, As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sri Sankara Raju Adluri Ntpc - REL Associates Advisor, Retd CGM Power Grid.as Chief Technical Director, Shri Mohan Kumar CA as Advisory Director Finance.& Shri KB Madhuraj as Director Quality Control Together, the promoters have deep knowledge and experience in solar power, hydel power, construction, finance and project execution.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Ground Mount

Roof Top

Beautiful roof-top design: Ty One Roof-Top installations can be mounted on any roof-top surface. It can be hoisted on as any high-roof structure and can even be made water proof for your requirements. Ty One design team will make your roof more beautiful, useful and earning.

Operations and Maintenance

End-to End responsibility: Ty One execution team will take end-to-end responsibility for application, allotment, all paperwork, installation, net-metering, commissioning and maintenance. You stay indoors and enjoy the benefits of Sun right on top of your home sweet home.

Best-in-class equipment: Ty One makes available best-in-class design, panels, capacitors, inverters, cabling and ensures you get the best possible generation. Ty One ensures you get the benefits of net-metering and enjoy real-time data of your savings and earnings.

Warranty and guarantee of products and services: Ty One provides up to 25 years warranty on panels and other equipment and provides guarantee of services. It also provides dedicated customer support and extended service warranty for those seeking worry free service and maintenance.

EPC Model

Ty One provides on-grid and off-grid solar installations on an EPC model.

Solar Park

Ty One has its own solar park to install large solar plants of one MW and above.

Other Solar Power Installations

Ty One provides solar street lights, solar submersible pump units, solar lighting for industrial and commercial establishments and on-grid/off-grid inverters.

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